Monkoshi, rumored to be a descendant of the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto, is a celebrated figure in the Ethereum crypto community. Known for his remarkable ability to always get the first entry on any token, he quickly became a legend. Dubbed Monkoshi "Early Alpha" for his foresight in the web3 industry, he rose to fame for his exceptional skills.

Despite his success, Monkoshi's been nothing but humble, always trying to give back to the community in multiple forms, be it alpha or be it a shelter for lost dogs.

Monkoshi's journey isn't just marked by his exceptional skills and Satoshi lineage, but also by a famous bet that further cemented his legend. This crucial moment involved a high-stakes wager with some of the biggest names on the chain, like Pepe, Shiba Inu, and Floki.

They all doubted his ability to dominate AVAX. Yet, defying everyone's expectations, Monkoshi ventured into this icy realm, determined to etch his name as the most illustrious figure on this chain.

This is the story of Monkoshi, the monkey monk, who stands as a testament to skill, humility, and a bit of daring in the world of crypto.


Monkoshi is doing it again!

The red chain is his new home, and $MONK is at an all-time high!

Monkoshi is heading towards the formidable mountain, ready to shatter all existing records.

I wouldn't fade $MONK if I were you.

Everyone was asking where Monkoshi was.

Well, he took a break from his mountain journey to help a lost puppy. Patience is a virtue, $MONK!

Monkoshi has just sent us a message!

What can this mean?Could it be... the prophecy?

Monkoshi has set sail and is searching for bears! $MONK is going to fulfill the prophecy.

Is there anything he can't do?

Even when on a mission, Monkoshi simply can't stop giving.

We are 1,000 Monks right now; imagine how the world will be at 10,000!

Monkoshi is sticking to his promise and showing all the bears in AVAX territory that a new king is in town.

The prophecy is happening!

Monkoshi continues his mission and delivers an exclusive message to all of us:

'Those afraid of the dark will never achieve excellence!'